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Tourism Funding Grant Application

The Jackson County Tourism Council acts as an extension of the Jackson County Commission and distributes the Transient Guest Tax funds.  The tax is collected by the lodging industry in Jackson County. 

* This is a competitive grant program
* Grants will only be granted up to $500 or less per event or cause.
* Please thoroughly describe your event so the Council can make an educated funding decision
* The only purpose of the grant is to fund advertising that draws visitors to Jackson County
* Copies of receipts/invoices using the funds must be provided if requested
* This phrase must be used on all advertisements or materials purchased with grant funding: 
       Advertising by Jackson County Tourism Council
Deadline to submit the application is June 30th, 2021 for any event that has previously been funded
* Deadline for a new previously unfunded event is 90 days prior to the event

(Payment will be made to this name if grant is approved)
Example: Holton Recorder - $100, KNZA - $200, Posters - $50, Topeka Capital Journal - $200, Facebook - $50

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